The Spider and The Fly by K T Davies
Fantasy , K T Davies , Scimitar Media / December 19, 2021

There is a saying amongst the killers of the Midnight Court, when rivals cross paths, blades always follow. Shey Jing is an honourable warrior, Sebastian Schiller a louche, schism touched bounty hunter known as ‘the Mosquito’. They are given a simple choice when they cross paths with the Roach King; work together or die together. But simple isn’t easy when two people hate each other. Thrown together by capricious Fate, the arrachid and the Mosquito must overcome their many, many differences and complete their mission. Only then can they get on with the real business of fighting over who gets to kill the Guild Blade they’re hunting. …and just like that, we’ve reached the final review of 2021. This year has been something else hasn’t it? There have been more than a few emotional ups and downs. My one constant throughout has been the ability to escape into a good book. I’m glad to say we end the year on a high. The latest novel by K T Davies, The Spider and The Fly, has been let loose on an unsuspecting populace and it is an absolute belter. Before we begin, it is worthwhile noting that The Spider and The…

The Tales of Catt & Fisher – The Art of the Steal edited by Justina Robson

Scholars, shopkeepers, collectors, aficionados. Obtainers of rare antiquities; relic hunters who can’t resist a lead, even when it takes them into terrible danger. There’s always an opportunity to be found amid the confusion, in the wake of the terrible Kinslayer War. There’s always a deal to be done, a tomb to open, a precious thing to obtain. From encounters with the monstrous Vathesk to exploring new worlds; from wielding great power to do great good, to unearthing dark things best left lost. If you need the experts, if you can find your way to their Cherivell shop, maybe you can hire Doctors Catt and Fisher. Twenty-twenty has been one hell of a year, what with global pandemics and political nonsense all over the place. I’ve been on quite the emotional rollercoaster as it goes. Fortunately, reading has helped enormously to get me through the tougher moments. Being able to escape into a good book offers no small measure of solace. I’ve read some truly wonderful stories in the last twelve months and I’m glad to say my final book of the year rounds things off perfectly; it is an absolute gem. The Tales of Catt & Fisher – The Art…

Something Wicked by K T Davies
Fantasy , K T Davies , Scimitar Media / November 22, 2018

Please note, Something Wicked is the third novel in The Chronicles of Breed. If I was prone to giving advice, I would strongly suggest you read books one and two before proceeding any further withthis review. Not only will it ensure you are informed of Breed’s prior misadventures you’d also avoid any potential minor spoilery type elements which may follow. I’d imagine the author of said novels would also be entirely appreciative of your additional custom. We all know how it goes. You’re getting old, slow… All of your friends are dead… You have to fight for your life in an arena, save the Goblin Queen, and defeat an evil sorcerer before she destroys a world of Wild magic. And that’s before you even think about facing Shallunsard the demon, the Eldest of the Annurashi, and Halda the Red Witch who’s had a bone to pick with you for seven hundred years. Live or die, this is Breed’s last ride. So, are you ready? Good. Strap in and hold on. I always get a little misty eyed when I get to the final book in a trilogy. If I’ve come this far then you can rest assured that I’ve become…

Tooth and Claw by K T Davies
Fantasy , K T Davies , Scimitar Media / April 5, 2018

Please note that Tooth and Claw is the second book in a series. I’d strongly advise seeking out book one, Dangerous to Know, before proceeding any further. It is likely this review will contain minor spoilers. Consider yourself warned. The World needs a hero, but all its got is Breed. Leaving the Empire to face the wrath of an angry demon and its infernal hordes, Breed takes ship and flees to Shen. With pockets full of gold, the hammer of the Hammer of the North, a crate of whiskey, and a conscience unburdened by guilt, life doesn’t get any better, does it? Well, yes, it does, but it gets a lot worse first because no matter how fast Breed runs, trouble is never far behind. Charged by an ancient power to find a way to stop Shallunsard the demon, Breed is thrust from one world into another. Hold on tight, for here be krakens, dragons, undead queens, and vengeful sorcerers. I first read the novel Breed back in 2014. The original novel has recently been re-released and retitled as Dangerous to Know, and a sequel is now upon us. Tooth and Claw picks up exactly where its predecessor left off….

Breed by K T Davies
Fantasy , Fox Spirit , K T Davies / September 11, 2014

After being chased by a dragon, tricked by a demon, almost killed by a psychopathic gang boss and hunted by a ferocious arrachid assassin, Breed’s life really takes a turn for the worst. Sentenced to five years bonded servitude to a one-handed priest magician, Breed must find the weapon of the ancient hero known only as the Hammer of the North within a year and a day. With only a drug-addicted vagrant, a rat faced child and a timid priest for back up Breed sets out for the mighty city of Valen and the tomb of the hammer. What could possibly go wrong? I keep a pretty strict schedule when it comes to reviewing. Ninety nine percent of the time I work with the principle first in, first out. It makes it easy for me to keep track of what I am reviewing and when. There is an exception to every rule, however. For me, it’s when a new book arrives from K T Davies. I can’t help myself. I loved The Red Knight, and when I got my hands on Breed I began to devour it immediately. My colour-coded schedule of book-reviewing loveliness was swiftly forgotten, and I lost…

The Eloquent Page is 4 years old!

Hard to believe I know, but there are not one but two important anniversaries happening this week. First, I’m having a significant birthday *cough* 40 *cough* and far more importantly my silly little book review website is 4 YEARS OLD. Yes I was surprised at both things happening as well. In order to celebrate the cosmic alignment of these two auspicious events I have decided to try something a bit new (well new for me any way). So sit back, relax, and enjoy my first attempt ever to create a video blog* *I apologise about my face in advance. Feel free to just close your eyes and just listen to the video if you wish, I won’t be offended….much. Just be glad you didn’t see the un-edited footage. SO MANY SWEAR WORDS. It just remains for me to say a quick thank you to everyone who helps to make this site possible, you know who you are. You’re all seventy five difference shades of awesome and I would entirely, utterly and completely lost without you. Till next time people of the Internet, like the video said, go read a book!

The Red Knight by K T Davies
Anachron Press , Fantasy , K T Davies / July 23, 2012

A thousand years have passed since the Clan Lords and the Fey commanded dragons and raised mighty citadels. The remnants of their ancient power lie dormant and a new conflict threatens the kingdom of Antia…  King Daris rules a peaceful and prosperous land, but his conniving brother Jerim covets the throne and civil war looms. But there are worse threats to Antia than mere human greed. Two people will stand against mortal and demonic enemies: Alyda Stenna, Captain of the Hammer of Antia returns from campaign to a hero’s welcome after prosecuting war abroad with brutal efficiency. Garian Tain, the spymaster’s apprentice, hunts for an assassin through the streets of the capital while the knights bask in the adoration of the crowds. This is just the beginning.  Both will fight overwhelming odds in a bid to save the kingdom. War and betrayal will test them to their limits. One will rise; one will fall; both will be changed forever. Earlier this year I read the anthology Day of Demons, published by Anachron Press, and one of the highlights was The Deal by K T Davies. It was a fun fantasy tale and it left me keen to read more of…