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August 10, 2013



Recently I sent out a call asking the creative author-ey types of Twitter if they would be willing to submit to some burning questions. A few foolish fools brave souls (twenty four to be exact) answered the call. Here, in case you missed any first time around, are links to every single response. I’d like to take this opportunity once again to thank all the contributors. These super talented folks write,  edit, produce and illustrate in all areas of the industry from self-publication through independent/small presses to traditional publishing methods. Every single one of them is worthy learning more about. Enjoy!

Mark West

Zoe Markham

Geraldine Clark Hellery

Marc Nash

Sam Strong

Lor Graham

James Everington

Jennifer Williams

James Barclay

Lou Morgan

Alasdair Stuart

Colin F Barnes

Ren Warom

K T Davies

Victoria Hooper

Andrew Reid

Cat Connor

Edward Drake

Charlotte Strong

Rob Haines

Adam Baker

Chris Farnell

Gareth Powell

Adam Christopher

Which interview is my favourite? … well that would be telling and regular readers already know how I feel about spoilers 🙂 Inside The Author’s Head will return in the future.

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