William Shakespeare’s Get Thee… Back to the Future! by Ian Doescher

May 2, 2019

In the iconic film Back to the Future, Marty McFly travels from the 1980s to the 1950s, changing the path of his parents’ destiny. Now fans of the movie can travel back even further to the 16th century, where the Bard of Avon unveils his latest masterpiece: William Shakespeare’s Get Thee Back to the Future! Every scene and line of dialogue from the hit is recreated here, with authentic Shakespearean rhyme, meter and stage directions, and with jokes and Easter eggs for movie fans and Shakespearean buffs alike. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be convinced that Shakespeare had a flux capacitor of his own, and traveled to our era so he could pen this time-tossed tale.

Greetings fellow bibliophile, tis I, Pablo Cheesecake with another exploration of all things literary.  There art rare times when reviewing the latest manuscript of a wordsmith that gives me the opportunity to flex mine own creative muscles. Today, for the first (and likely only time) I present to you a critical missive appraising the latest tome of one William Shakespeare*, Get Thee… Back to the Future!

Without a shadow of doubt, most amongst the assembled throng will have a passing fore-knowledge of said drama. Amidst the pages of this opus, fantastical readers will still find Marty and Doc Brown, flux capacitors, Libyans, Einstein, Marvin Berry and yonder clock tower. All are well met, the attention to the smallest of details is worthy of the highest praise. I would be disappointed if it were otherwise. The strength of this endeavour boils down to capturing every moment, sight and sound that an audience will most assuredly already be well versed. The location and time period may be wildly different, but the beloved narrative remains reassuringly the same.

Every fiction needs a villain and with a Fie, I say! the scoundrel Biff Tannen continues to be the most unjust of knaves. This prickliest of thorns vexes Marty and the House of McFly at every turn. Truly, I relished the moment his foul countenance didst suffer its ultimate fate when the black-hearted Tannen is finally cast low. A pox on him! (and a large quantity of animal dung if memory doth not deceive me).

Back to the Future hast long been a firm favourite with milady of the manor, here at The Most Eloquent of Pages. When I didst prevail upon her, with regard her opinion, she confirmed said tale does have a timeless quality. ‘Tis proof positive that the best of fictions works in any setting. Kudos to the gentleman Mr Shakespeare, only the boldest of scribes would attempt such a daring feat. I bring you the gladdest of tidings, the author’s gamble has paid off in spades.

Before I go on, I would preface all mine observations with a small pinch of salt. If thou are not a fan of the bard, then this is not the book for you. Be warned the language enclosed doth have the same lyrical flourish that thou wouldst expect from the father of English Literature. Be of little doubt, there art thee’s and thou’s aplenty. Personally, mine heart yearns to see an adaptation of this very story appear on stage. The prospect of Marty availing any audience with a most heartfelt soliloquy doth offer delights unbound.

In mine humblest of opinions, Get Thee… Back to the Future! is a jolliest of revels. Mr Shakespeare, ably assisted by Ian Doescher, hast revisited a fan favourite and provide larks aplenty. If thou doest yearn for a new exploration of a time-travelling masterpiece with added Elizabethan flavour, thy need look no further.

Regular visitors to my humble scribblings know well that I oft recommend soothing sounds to accompany an author’s literary endeavours. The same is true in this instance. The easiest of options would be to select the finest of madrigals with a hey nonny nonny, but my quest for the perfect match didst lead me in another direction. After much investigation, I did find the perfect tunes to salve all but the most savage of hearts. The soundtrack to Back to the Future by Alan Silverstri was mine only option. The power of love is indeed the most curious of things, I darest anyone to disagree.

Get Thee… Back to the Future is published by Quirk Books and is available now. Much Ado About Mean Girls is also available from the same author.

… Phew, I’m glad this review is over. I couldn’t have kept that nonsense up for much longer. My brain hurts. I’m impressed someone managed to keep it up for an entire book.

*Profound apologies to both authors, old and new. I got excited about the chance to read this book and may have got more than a little carried away. In a weird moment of cosmic synchronicity last week, I saw Back to the Future at our local concert hall with a live orchestra providing the entire original soundtrack, it was quite the spectacle. My attempts at reviewing with a Shakespearean voice are meant only as the highest of compliments. Any crimes against historical grammar, or grammar in general come to that, fall squarely at my feet.


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