The Beggar and The Ghost by Vincent Holland-Keen

Before this week’s review, I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone all the best for this forthcoming season. For reasons I shall not bore you with, my output has been somewhat sporadic in 2023. After today’s post, I’m going to have a much-needed break with my lovely family for a couple of weeks and then I promise that The Eloquent Page will return in 2024. Hopefully, I’ll be able to manage my time a bit better and get back to a more regular posting schedule. As ever, my often rambling book-related waffle will remain front and centre 🙂 Apologies for that interruption. Now back to the bookish stuff you came here for in the first place… At the very moment when Daniel Littlewood decides to end his worthless life, he’s not himself any more. He’s the suave and deadly hero of a Hollywood dream filled with fast cars, beautiful women and jetsetting intrigue. As fantasy and reality begin to collide and a global conspiracy threatens the fate of the world, the only question is, Just how badly Daniel Littlewood screws up this time… This week I’ve been taking a look at The Beggar and The Ghost by…

Get Yourself Some Free Anarchy!

I do hope everyone is having a relaxing festive season, I know I am. Some new reviews on the way next week but until then how about a public service announcement from the dark forces behind the rather splendid Anarchy Books. I’ve added in a link to the original reviews for the titles I’ve read. Hopefully that will help you make an informed decision. Personally I’d take em all! Press Release – Anarchy Books – FREE BOOK PROMOTION – 29.12.11 That’s right, Anarchy Books have a very special New Year gift for all you lucky shiny new Kindle owners. During the next 4/5 days over the New Year period, a selection of Anarchy Books titles will be offered completely FREE! So if you fancy any of the following novels, get yo ass over to Amazon and stock up your Kindle with Anarchy for the New Year…. Participating titles: GIG (Mik and Kim) by James Lovegrove Monstrocity by Jeffrey Thomas New York Nights by Eric Brown Rain Dogs by Gary McMahon SIM by Andy Remic Serial Killers Incorporated by Andy Remic The Black Seas of Infinity by Dan Henk The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen   All free! Have a HAPPY ANARCHY NEW YEAR!!

The Eloquent Page – 2011 in Review

2011 has been another great year for books. First off a few stats – I have managed to read eighty-two novels which works out at over six and a half books a month. After a swift and very rough calculation that works out at approximately 6,150000 words. Some were bad, some were good and some were even great. I thought it would be nice to round off this festive season with a little bit of review. Firstly, my books of the month January – December 2011. There is a mixture of new releases and others that have been around for a while. Each and every one was a genuine pleasure to read, and I recommend them all heartily. Jan  – Point by Thomas Blackthorne Feb – Vegas Knights by Matt Forbeck Mar – The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie Apr – Vampire Warlords by Andy Remic & Serial Killers Inc by Andy Remic – I dont feel too bad about a tie here as both books are by the same author (prolific sod that he is) May – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs Jun – The Watchers by Jon Steele Jul – Tourniquet by Kim Lakin-Smith Aug – Outpost by…

The Office of Lost and Found (An Update)
Anarchy Books , Fantasy , Vincent Holland-Keen / September 2, 2011

Back in June I reviewed The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen. At the time this quirky, off the wall detective debut was only available as an e-book. Today the following press release popped into my inbox and I thought it would be nice to share. The Office of Lost and Found’ is now available in hard copy. Published as an ebook through Anarchy Press, VHK has now made the book available through Lulu for those who still crave the pleasure of a physical book. Available now as paperback with a version of the ebook cover and as a hardback with the original ‘logo’ cover, these editions of ‘The Office of Lost and Found’ include notes and sketches by the author not previously released. Paperback:—paperback-artwork-edition/16801793 Hardback/Casewrap:—logo-cover—casewrap/16534562 eBook Link (Anarchy Books):  

The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen

Thomas Locke can find anything. You know the hurricane that hit a while back? Word is he found the butterfly that started it. So, when a desperate Veronica Drysdale hires Locke to find her missing husband, it makes perfect sense. Except the world of Thomas Locke doesn’t make sense. It puts monsters under the bed, makes stars fall from the sky and leads little children to worship the marvels of road-works. This world also hides from Veronica a past far darker and stranger than she could ever have imagined. To learn the truth, Veronica is going to have to lose everything. And that’s where Locke’s shadowy business partner Lafarge comes in… Before we begin I have a couple of questions. How do you feel about novels that feature a character reincarnated as a toaster? Would you have a problem if the toaster was called Leonard? If you have issues with either of these questions I would advise reading no further. I can tell you now, that this novel is not for you. Perhaps you might wish to consider doing something else instead? I’ve been told gardening is a very popular pastime? Ahh your still here, jolly good. You’re interested aren’t…